Beard Butter Facts!

Does Beard Butter Promote Beard Growth?

The skin that exists under the beard also needs to be taken care of, Beard butter is full of nutrient-rich butters and oils which will help to create healthy skin and promote beard growth.

When Should I Start Using Beard Butter?

You should be using cleaning and conditioning products as soon as you decide to grow your beard. Even the tiniest of chin pubes freshly sprouted are still accumulating excess oil and dirt from your skin, and you should really be washing your beard just like any other hair. Use Beard Butter after you sh*t, shower and apply oil. Style as per usual.

Which Is Better: Beard Oil or Beard Butter?

Oil and Butter are actually bestfriends who work together to promote a bangin' beard and by extension, bangin' sex life. The oil eliminates itching and irritation while the butter tames those stray hairs, keeping your beard looking manicured, fly af and of course softer, fuller and healthier.
Which is Better: Beard Oil or Beard Butter?When Should I Start Using Beard Butter?Does Beard Butter Promote Beard Growth?

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  • Vince Womochil

    Just received my combo package am anxious to try it. Waiting on hemp shampoo before I start the process!!

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